WAVE works closely with leading industry groups, and government agencies to design products and services that automate the entire content lifecycle from R&D through commercialization.


We help you create and approve regulated content and ensure secure, accurate maintenance of operations documentation and records. We also enable efficient creation of consistent, accurate and compliant advertising, product promotions, labeling, and package inserts.


Find out why so many of the world's top life sciences organizations – including 25 of the largest pharmaceutical companies and seven FDA centers.




  • AUTOMATED CONTENT LIFECYCLE – Create, process, and manage business-critical content more efficiently, from early research and development through regulatory reporting.


  • GLOBAL INFORMATION SHARING – Create virtual, collaborative environments to enable people across departments and countries to manage regulatory approvals for products in multiple markets.


  • REGULATORY SUBMISSIONS– Create, assemble, review, publish, and archive electronic submissions in compliance with government regulations and global eCTD standards.


  • REGULATED CONTENT – Maintain an audit trail of all actions including protocols, clinical documentation, study reports, submissions, standard operating procedures, product specifications, and marketing collateral.


  • QUALITY MANAGEMENT – Maintain complete and validated records, including standard operating procedures (SOP), quality specifications, test methods and protocols, and the necessary change management.


  • PROMOTIONAL TRAFFIC AND MARKETING – Speed creation and distribution of brand-consistent ads, medical literature, promotional materials, Web content, and sales materials.


  • RECORDS MANAGEMENT AND ARCHIVING – Implement long-term classification, declaration, retention, and disposition procedures for records and e-mail that meets compliance requirements.


  • REGULATORY PORTALS - Automate the processes for creating, managing, and publishing content to clinical trials, regulatory affairs, and consumer portals in multiple languages and locales.


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