WAVE has developed effective technology solutions to utilize existing back-up systems for enterprises and tie them up to a globally backed up system that seamlessly backs up data over the internet 24X7X365 at a pre-arranged time slots.


This solution can have a tremendous cost saving effect on any globally distributed businesses.


Once an intuitive and seamless back up system and data duplication is available across the enterprise, a natural safeguard against any kind of disaster has been created. The data is captured in real-time and will be available in real-time worldwide, and hence, a robust fail-over backup and DPR system.


WAVE has further developed hot-site for the data back up as a DPR site which is automatically in synch with the main site for data duplication and other DPR functions and features.


Due to the extensive experience with online data duplication and DPR processes, WAVE has created a hierarchal DPR system that creates varying degrees of protection pending criticality of data as assets for organizations determined via a thorough needs analysis to create a cost – effective system available to the degree of DPR response time needed.






  • Disaster Recovery


  • Business Continuity


  • Storage (onsite or cloud)


  • Virtualization


  • High Availability


  • Private Cloud



WAVE can help with your Storage and Disaster Recovery initiatives.


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