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Tell us your goals:

WAVE provides a wide range of solutions which can manage content across multiple departments within a single repository. This unified, comprehensive, and scalable platform ensures content authenticity and integrity, simplifies management with automated policies, enables content sharing across organizations, and assigns the right level of protection to the right information, at the right cost.  


We design Enterprise Content Management solutions for Enterprise Level Organizations, Small to Mid Sized Business, and State and Local Government Agencies.


The following should be considered for a successful ECM practice:


  • Business Drivers for Content Management

  • Document Capture requirements

  • Clearly defined goals and processes to be automated

  • Security-who has access to what

  • Retention policies

  • Big picture - Scalability to other departments 

  • Stable implementation partner who understands your goals


Generally speaking, the best solution for your business process tends to leverage a unified, highly scalable platform for the design, execution, monitoring, and optimization of business processes.


This solution's convenient graphical tools speed process modeling and orchestration while the business process engine handles task processing through configurable queues, workflow management, and notification services. Process analysis and activity monitoring components provide information to improve operational efficiencies, achieve compliance, and maximize customer satisfaction.

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