Business processes are the core of how business gets done within an organization, and BPM is becoming progressively more essential to the survival of today's corporate entities. Responsive to the needs of the market, WAVE has assembled a team of BPM specialists to cater specifically to the growing demand for process automation.


Beginning with a thorough analysis of your current process flow, WAVE BPM specialists clearly define the steps, routes, exceptions, rules, and other parameters of your business process. From this source document, points of automation, optimization, and re-engineering are proposed and incorporated into a new specification. This specification then serves as a blueprint from which an automated electronic model is developed and implemented. In-house and / or managed hosted solutions are available.


Generally speaking, the best solution for your business process tends to leverage a unified, highly scalable platform for the design, execution, monitoring, and optimization of business processes.


This solution's convenient graphical tools speed process modeling and orchestration while the business process engine handles task processing through configurable queues, workflow management, and notification services. Process analysis and activity monitoring components provide information to improve operational efficiencies, achieve compliance, and maximize customer satisfaction.




  • Increase employee productivity


  • Reduce unnecessary work load


  • Improve your bottom line


  • Gain insight into your business process





  • Accounts Payable


  • Case Management


  • Manufacturing Process


  • HR Onboarding




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